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Our competencies

Consulting Agency "Euro Consult Invest " - administrative and financial consulting, accounting services and tax protection.

The main focus of our activities are : Entrepreneurship, Business consulting, Investment projects and Financing programs. We offer accounting services and services.

Since 2004 we work in the green economy, eco projects, recovery of bio-waste, green energy.

About us

Been present on the Bulgarian market since 1993, with extensive experience working with private business in Bulgaria, public administration and tax authorities. The team of "Euro Consult Invest " with professional experience gained through years of free market with many shocks, economic shocks and financial crisis.

Our clients vary in their activities and organization companies and associations, including with foreign participation. Professionals in the field of financial accounting practice in Bulgaria and knowledge of Bulgarian and international accounting standards.

Financial advice and assistance in the preparation and presentation of projects for funding and investment.
Develop and consulting projects and financing programs, EU funding, global funds and projects.
Working on their own projects and projects for youth and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Present our projects:

"BG Eco Project" - Utility of sewage sludge and organic waste through our patented vermitechnology. Partnership and Franchise;

 Investment Project "Start Ideas" - Internet platform for entrepreneurs - Invest and shared investment for projects and ideas;

Investment Project "Holiday Village Bulgarian houses - Katina" - Invest in Eco Holiday Complex - 20 km from the Capital city center, Sofia, Bulgaria, with building permission;

"Bioponics Agra" - Project for greenhouse production of fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and feed on innovative biotechnologies - aquaponics and hydroponics with bio-fertilizer;

"Aikido in Everyday Life" - Self-realization through martial arts - Aikido Coaching - the potential and opportunities in each of us;

"Atlas of Monasteries and Temples" - Spirituality and Art, Culture and Social integration.

Contact Information:

Consulting Agency "Euro Consult Invest"

E -mail: office@euroconsult.biz

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