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"Bulgarian Houses" ltd. presents:

Sports and holiday complex "Eco Campus" - Sofia, Katina, Bulgaria

 Relaxation and recreation campus near Sofia, in the common complex with a multipurpose hall in Sofia. Campus includes guest houses, hostel, bio conservatory inn, rooms for relaxing workouts, swimming pools and areas for rest and relaxation. Eco complex will offer relaxation after a busy lifestyle, practitioners active sport for team camps and entertainment.

 For investors - eco alternative - passive buildings, volatile built with natural materials (stone, wood, straw, clay) and a good return on investment.

 Project that has two main points.

 Eco Campus is a first point, campus, which falls territorially and administratively within the village of Katina, Sofia, Bulgaria. Investment in this project, which is at the "Visa building" will become recreational sports center, near Sofia, sports halls, swimming pools and relaxation areas where they can find rest and relaxation, as well as practitioners active sports, and those for whom this is a hobby and entertainment, and this way will provide future realization of good returns and real income. Investment into the "guest house" as part of a Eco Complex, including training rooms and workshops, sports hall and gym, two swimming pools and relaxation areas, will bring you good income and opportunities for good relaxation and rest your customers, guests and employees.

Eco Complex is gated, 20 km from the center of Capital city, consisting of houses, prototypes of old Bulgarian houses. The houses are built on the principle of "passive house - volatile," reflecting all environmental requirements of modern building and sparing nature around us, including thermal plants, solar collectors and others.

The terrain of the Eco Complex is regulation land property. The altitude is 600 м and the average slope is about 10% to the southwest. From the complex is a fine view to beautiful forest.

"Katina Eco Campus" project presenting holiday recreation and relaxation complex of building, type "Old Bulgarian house", hostel, sport hall for sports and recreational activities and training practices. Around them are available restaurant and tavern, park area and chill-out areas and recreation, natural swimming pool. Part of the Eco complex is occupied by organic greenhouses and small farm, which grows its own organic produce.

Each house of Eco Complex has beds for a minimum of 8 people + 4 children. Additionally the Park Hostel able to accommodate the lower class for 40 seats.

The dispositions of rooms in separate houses are negotiate with every client in an office of investor “Bulgarian houses” ltd. e-mail: bulhouses@gmail.com.


Training hallThe Hall, located in the city center will focus on martial arts, health practices and training. Main activities are training hall for Aikido, practice self-defense and other martial arts, yoga practice, massages, rehabilitation workouts and fitness. The hall has a capacity for seminars, trainings and other events. In the building there will be additional activities: premises for shops, restaurants and other healthy food.


    Advantages of the location:

  • asphalt paved road to the village Katina & Sofia

  • 20 minutes drive from Sofia's center and airport

  • 1.5 km to the Katina Golf Resort

  • 400 meters above sea level

  • close to a pine forest

For your comfort and safety:

  • two-storey house ready for guests

  • private gated community & stunning view

  • eco energy independence

  • 24h security guard

  • direct access to all the year round maintained road

Your suggestions and opinions:

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