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Agency "Promo Active" presents:

Nearly three years maintain Culinary Group in the social network "Facebook", which already has more than 31,000 participants - "Old dishes - when there was no quick and takeout" - In Group mainly published recipes, tips and information about food products. According to the market analysis, assuming a certain percentage passive consumers, the Group has the potential to generate a particular interest in targeting points. Or speaking the language of marketing, we target group, mainly housewives and chefs who are potential customers for advertising and marketing purposes.

Develop project with the working title "Culinary News" (Cook News), the primary purpose of attracting attention and commitment of the Group to creative, participation in events and interest in certain products from the market. By conducting campaigns promoter and active participation of business partners and advertisers, this project has the potential to be a platform for culinary events, promotions and advertising messages to a large number of hosts and culinary professionals, and to allow for expression of students in professional culinary schools and is increasingly gaining popularity culinary academies (Metro Academy, HRC Academy, etc.).
The main idea of ​​"Cook News" is the promotion of products in the world of gastronomy, events, festivals and exhibitions, information on promotions in the kitchen, presentation of kitchen utensils, equipment and furniture, new products for the home and kitchen, ideas for picnic for a garden party, competitions and fairs, and other diverse information from the world of hostess and kitchen.
The flow of these events, news and campaigns promoter will be directly connected with advertising messages and promotional packages to manufacturers, importers and retailers, event organizers, restaurants and shops.
In the initial period we will make possible a complete picture of the "Cook News" on social networks, Internet portals and "search engines" and use the experience of some of the best specialists in Bulgaria.
We have experience in this field with great culinary web portal realized years ago (, and achieving very good results already owned by the media group.

Our experience in building a culinary database, internet services, recipe, catering and culinary forums, and opportunities of modern communications allow you to build a strong base of customer addresses and to attract more users, using different channels such as funding for advertising, which are used, consumed for a specific group of users closely involved and interested in such information and news.
In addition we have the experience and contacts in various areas related to the restaurant business, based on qualifications and grown professionally colleagues (director of culinary school managers in restaurants and international culinary academy, members of organizations of cooks and chefs).
Potential of people from the industry, the opportunities that implies the restaurant business and increasing competition in the market of food and kitchen equipment and furniture are good basis for the search for new forms of advertising, media coverage and awareness, which prompted us to develop the "Culinary News 'launched and the first steps are made ​​before more than ten years (sites recipes, catering and cooking) and now find their lead time.

Organizing an online edition and the events around it, connecting it with social networks and finding advertisers require appropriate financial resources and staff. The proposal provides that in an advertising framework based on the vision, products and services offered, the online edition of "Cook News" branded appropriately and according to the advertising policy of a trade mark and brand, you will find the status quo of situated with seriously engaged positions by offering potential of Facebook users (over 31,000 in group "Old Dishes" + over 3400 users in Group "Authentic Bulgarian Recipes" + Page "Culinary Festivals") which increased every day .
We have the potential to personally inform each member of the group for new products and services and develop new opportunities with mobile applications and information to our current and future customers.
The financial resources needed to launch such an online edition of the parameters and options that we offer will work by developing and gaining publicity appearances and other advertisers grow as organizational stability and prosperity, and greater opportunities and proposals, thus in the second year is expected to start generating profits.

Our team is selected and ready to implement the "Cook News" includes specialists with expertise on the one hand the internet marketing business and the other in the restaurant business, culinary experts, specialists of culinary academies and schools, and others. You will enjoy the experience of chefs from high level (Guild of chefs and others), and Internet developers are working with for years.

With this brief summary we believe that your interests and ideas will give rise to investment ideas to jointly develop a media space that simultaneously be regarded as interesting and fun, and with it brings good advertising effect and multiplying sales products and services you offer.


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